When everything went wrong By max Bishop

*********************Dan’s POV**********************

“Dannnnnnnn....” Phil whined.

His head was laying on my lap, the best place for it, the only place for it. “Yeah Phil?” I giggled.

“Are we gonna go to the shopping center today like you said?”

“To be bigger emo dorks than we already are? Of course.”

Phil smiled. He hadn't smiled in a while. I missed it...

“Phillyyy. You’re making me blush!”

He booped my nose, adding the word boop as he did. This was him. This was the Phil I missed.

*********************Phil’s POV************************

We get to the shopping center, we go to hot topic (per usual) and then leave, and go to Starbucks. Dan gets me coffee, then brings it to me, exactly how I like it. Two girls run up to us. One boy slugging behind.

“Dan! Phil!” Dan smiled at them. One on the right, Bright blue and purple hair, green eyes. Slim, tall, pretty. One on the left, black hair with red streaks. Brownish green eyes. Shorter, little fluffy. Equally as pretty.The boy was about 8, he didn’t seem very impressed by the girls. He was as slim as the first girl, he was like a mini version of her, but with black, short hair. As soon as they came over, Dan let go of my hand that we was holding under the table. The one on the right has a nice camera hanging off a strap around her neck.

We smile at her.

*********************Dan’s POV*************************

She saw. She definitely saw. She might have taken a picture. Nonononono!

“Can we have seflies? Pretty please?” The one on the left says. There’s a young boy with them. He just sits down at a different table, looking unimpressed.

“Of course you can!” Phil says happily then smiles, a fake smile. They each take a selfie with both of us. I look at my arm and see my scars flash out, sweater paws right away. Phil sees and looks at me with sad eyes for a moment then goes back to talking with the girls. I tell them that we have to get going and they get another selfie then leave. “I guess we’re ordering cosco again…” I say to Phil. I see the tears in his eyes, he nods. “Let’s just go home…”

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