Play It Like A Game Jacob Guerrero


Part of speech: Noun. To rule as a king or queen. I want to be the reign of London so I can make my own rules. Synonym: Empire.


Part of speech: Noun.To argue, or participate in a formal debate. The painting on the wall looks like two worms debating. Antonym: Agreement.


Part of speech: Adjective. Concerned with the practical, or things that will really happen; resembling real life. My friend showed me a picture of a man with an eye on his hand, but I knew it wasn't realistic. Synonym: Reasonable.


Part of speech: Verb. To escape, especially by trickery or cleverness. The awesome guy on the motorcycle evaded the building before it exploded. Antonym: Encounter.


Part of speech: Noun. To show clearly; to put on display. When I went to the zoo, I saw a bunch of snakes in the reptile exhibit. Synonym: Hiding.


Created with images by shanewarne_60000 - "wallpaper_street_fighter_series_04_1600" • talpeanu - "king crown history" • soupstance - "Arguing Earthworms @ Detroit" • familymwr - "Army Photography Contest - 2007 - FMWRC - Arts and Crafts - Eye of the Holder" • ThePixelman - "off road buggy motorcycle jump" • SeppH - "snake green macro"

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