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Kelly Denton - kdentsxo - Section 41 - Journey Log #7 - Ranger - Creativity

(she's going to kill me)

This journey log is dedicated to a good friend of mine, Klaudia Vincze. I'm dedicating this to her because whenever I think about English I think of her and Chris Stuart who may or may not be her "spirit animal". She also has a tendency to mess up. For example, she skipped class one time to study for an exam that she had later that night but eventually realized it was an in class exam. Therefore, she skipped her exam to study for her exam. Logic.

best of friends

It makes sense to incorporate her into this journey log because although I'm a ranger, I'm refusing to do any research which seems like something she would do (accidentally). Also because this is just really funny.

a few of her finest moments this year

Journey logs have been surprisingly fun to work on. I thought I would dread it and was especially apprehensive about them when I realized the warrior had to write at least 600 words each time. Nevertheless, I began to actually enjoy them but right when I was getting into a groove, we had to switch specializations. I no longer had to write 600 words which was nice but I quickly learned that adding research to journey logs kinda sucked even more than the effort it took to write all those words.

Before the required specialization change, my journey logs were interesting and in my opinion, pretty darn creative. I feel like starting at journey log number five, they took a drastic turn for the worst. Logs number five and six are actually kinda horrendous if you ask me. (good thing I got extra credit on the other ones... I might need it)

a picture Klaud and I thought was hilarious

I'd like to say that I'm generally a pretty good rule follower (my friends call me the mom of the group because I'm so keen on the rules) but this is one of those times that I just can't do it. I think my grade will suffer if I do and I'm honestly enjoying writing this nugget of a journey log a thousand times more than I did the other two where I used research. So now here I am, trying to get back into my groove and Klaud is inadvertently helping me do it. I just hope Chris Stuart (always "Chris Stuart" never just "Chris" or "my teacher") doesn't hate me for completely disregarding my specialization requirements for these things.

funny screenshots of Klaud and I discussing English with Chris Stuart

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