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Pinkston HS librarian Deidra Ballard-Moore was part of a panel at TLA that presented ways to create a welcoming school library that invites and encourages students at all reading levels to come into the library and feel comfortable in the space. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Provides a Conducive & Safe Learning Environment
Clara Oliver Elem. librarian Elizabeth Reed-Smith Tweeted that one of her students wrote three books on Wattpad, Ch. 5 NBC News saw the Tweet and interviewed Elizabeth and the student. Click to view the interview. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Models & Supports Self-Curation
IB World Librarians Dr. Badia, Ms. Brown - Geneva Heights, Ms. Canales - Hillcrest HS, Ms. Truelove - Garcia MS, Ms. Williams - Franklin MS, and Ms. Zheng - Preston Hollow Elem. presented and answered questions during the diversity and inclusion chat at TLA. All IB Librarians assisted with research, information, and admin quotes for the presentation. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Engenders Inclusiveness & Diversity and Models & Supports Collaboration

Dynamic Librarians

Barbara Jordan Elem. librarian Lynn DeFord facilitated a lesson with her scholars where they researched different environments and the survival needs of organisms. She shared print and online resources to help the students get the information, and then had the students get creative by inventing an alien for a certain habitat. AASL Standard: Explore.Share

Melanie Conner Carter HS librarian designed a Nearpod for teaching proper citation. AASL Standard: Engage.Create

Zenobia Hughes Wilmer-Hutchins Elem. librarian had students work on poetry and created original work. AASL Standards: Collaborate.Create & Collaborate.Share

Monica Vega DESA librarian taught students how to use the GIST strategy and find copyright friendly images through a live zoom lesson. Students were also given time to share their work during the presentation. All in all, this was a rigorous and high quality lesson on summarizing. AASL Standard: Engage.Create


SORA Sweet Reads is a collection of free and simultaneous juvenile & YA eBooks available for the summer. Click for detailed information and share with your campus.

Encourage your Principal to complete the Project R.E.A.D. library redesign application. The due date is June 1, 2021.

Capstone is now accepting applications for the PebbleGo Going Places Award. Record a quick video* sharing how PebbleGo has helped your teachers and students over the last year. Click for detailed information.

Sync free audiobooks for teens 13+ will run from weeks April 29th to July 29th. Click for detailed information.

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