My Photography A Collection of Favourites

Think about the number of times in your life you have pressed the shutter button on your camera. From all those clicks how many would you consider as real keepers or the ones you're most proud of? Photography is more than just snapshots of family and friends during day to day life. It is a form of art and one that is purely subjective. One person might see it as a great capture where another could view it as just OK. It's personal taste.

Composition or expression in a picture can be more important than overall image quality. Not all of the following photos were shot with a high end camera. There are iPhone, point & shoots as well as DSLR captures in here so it's not all about the camera. Also, I shouldn't forget to mention that a little bit of luck doesn't hurt. A few images in this list came out much better than I had expected and that is always a welcome surprise.

So having said all that, the following are a sample of some photos I have taken over the years that are my favourites (so far). I doubt there are any award winners here but I guess you could call these my personal 5 star efforts.

Hope you like them too. Cheers.

Scarlet Macaw who was determined to snag my camera with that claw.
Taken at Blue Mountain in Collingwood this swan shows nice contrast of white on such a dark background.
Green Turaco at Niagara Falls Bird Kingdom.
Spotted this backyard tree during a springtime stroll in a Mississauga neighbourhood. Just love the contrasting colours.
Autumn at Cullen Gardens.
From a foggy day at the top of Grouse Mountain in Vancouver this lake reflection was just too good to pass up.
Another foggy day, this time at Botany Bay in Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island.
Sometimes you need to be ready. This little guy didn't seem to mind human interaction, as long as there was a peanut shaped reward in the end.
Beautiful autumn day at Morningstar Mill, DeCew Falls.
Turbine shed at Morningstar Mill.
At Decew Falls
Evening sunset at Port Dalhousie pier.
Frederiksted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. The cruise ship is the Celebrity Summit.
Basseterre, St. Kitts in the Caribbean. Now I realize selective colouring is generally frowned upon these days but I really wanted to draw attention to the woman's dress. It was the whole reason I took this photo in the first place as the image itself is nothing special. When she passed me in the street I was immediately drawn to her vivid red dress. This woman obviously wants to be noticed. Her dress colour has not been enhanced in any way by me. It is the actual colour as captured by the camera. Speaking of the camera, the photo was taken with an iPhone and edited on an iPad.
I haven't traditionally been a huge fan of B&W photography but in this case I thought it worked well. This is a canal in Amsterdam as taken from a tour boat. The sun being almost in our faces and also shining through the window made for a rather boring colour photo. I decided to convert it to B&W and was surprised how well it transformed the image so it has become one of my favourites.
Another example of how B&W can improve an image. This was shot directly at the sun using a wide angle lens in the early morning at the Bishop's Residenz in Wurzburg, Germany. I didn't think it would be very good at all as pointing at the sun is generally considered a no-no. However it was my only chance to photograph this building so I took the shot anyway. Converting the colour image to B&W brought out some nice details in the clouds. It gives a good dramatic effect to the sky and I'm actually quite pleased how it turned out. Back in the days of film, when every click meant $$$, I probably wouldn't have taken this shot.
Overlooking the Danube.
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