Welcome To Montana The Treasure state

Welcome to Montana. Montana's capital is Helena and its biggest city is Billings. Did you know that Montana became known for the treasure state because it's mountains contained so much gold, silver and copper. Montana is also the fourth largest state in the U.S. Montana has lots of mountains, some from the Rocky Mountains.

Montana has two main National Parks: Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park. Montana also has lots of rivers and waterfalls. Most people say that Montana's biggest attraction is its nature and landscape. Montana is pretty all round the year, especially in winter or fall. Spring is beatiful, too.

Montana's speciality for farm products are livestock, wheat, cherries, sugar beets, hay, barley, and potatoes. Their manufactured goods are petroleum, coal products, food products, wool products, fabricated metal products, chemicals, machinery, nonmetallic mineral products, computer and electronic equipment, and printed materials.

Montana's state seal was adopted in 1965 and was changed several times. It has the words 'Oro y plata' on it, which is 'Gold and silver' in Spanish. There is a sun poking its head out, a waterfall, some mountains, a plow, a shovel and a pick.

Here are some fun facts:

*The Missouri River begins in Montana

*Montana was once part of five territories

*Montana has the only sapphire mines in the U.S

*It is the 41st state to enter the U.S


By Mika

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