30 Years & Counting The Larson group

Since 1987, a vision has come to life.

With immense passion for all things trucking, a family of four brothers and a dedicated father with a common dream turned a single Peterbilt dealership into a dealer group that has spanned 21 locations across the Midwest and Southeast United States in less than 30 years.

"I never thought what we built back then would turn into something as big as this. When I wake up every morning, I still have the same passion for the business I had when I was 26 years old." - Glenn Larson

From his time in Sioux Falls, South Dakota as a teenager, to running The Larson Group as its President & CEO, his love of Peterbilt trucks has not faltered.

At left, Glenn is captured in his teenage years next to one of his father Claire's Peterbilt trucks. At right, Glenn shows his love of trucks at Peterbilt of Springfield in Springfield, Missouri.

Glenn was always determined to follow his father, Claire Larson's footsteps, and contributed to running the family's small, regional truck line in South Dakota. Before even having a high school diploma in hand, driving a truck was his specialty. Buying his very own truck came shortly after, which he drove every night to haul livestock and grain.

Claire Larson's trucks in Sioux Falls that hauled livestock and grain.

When Claire was offered a position at a local Peterbilt dealership, Glenn left the driver's seat to follow him in 1983 to sell trucks instead. After several trips to Peterbilt Motors Company headquarters in Denton, Texas, and realizing their love of building meaningful relationships with customers, the two desired to run their very own dealership.

Claire and 26-year-old Glenn were meeting with Peterbilt's Jim Rogers, who was in charge of dealership development. Together, they found Peterbilt of Springfield was available. A Midwest family already, they headed south and took charge of the dealership by the end of the summer of 1987.

Claire Larson signs the contract with Peterbilt Motors Company to become an official Peterbilt dealer group in 1987 in Seattle, Wash.

At left, TLG Co-Founder Claire Larson signs the documents for Peterbilt of Springfield to be an official dealer group with Peterbilt Motors Company, along with Peterbilt's Vice President of Sales & Marketing Jim Rogers and General Manager Mike Tembreull (1987).

Mike starts off the new year by writing to Claire, welcoming him to "the Peterbilt family."
"We always continued to have a strong relationship with Peterbilt Motors. We recognized opportunities in the marketplace together. And we still have those strong relationships today." -Glenn
Peterbilt of Springfield, located in Springfield, Missouri, is The Larson Group's headquarters and the organization's first official Peterbilt dealership.

After a few years of successfully running Peterbilt of Springfield, they were ready to expand. Glenn and his younger brother, Kevin, gained interest in the Joplin, Missouri area. In 1989, TLG's first satellite store was open for business nearly 80 miles west of the Springfield location.

Peterbilt of Joplin.

By the 1990s, the trucking industry was booming.

With the right strategizing, the Larsons went from selling 200 trucks in a single year to more than 400. And without hesitation, Kory and Kyle Larson, the youngest of six Larson brothers, headed to the Ozarks to be a part of the family business.

From left to right: Glenn, Kyle, Greg, Claire, Margaret, Kevin, Kory and Gary (1995, Photo Provided by Kevin Larson).

The Larsons acquired another dealership in 1991 in O'Fallon, Missouri, which Kyle ran and is still involved with today. The facility was rebuilt and relocated in 1994.

The Larson family and staff break ground for the construction of the new Mid-America Peterbilt in 1994.

By 1995, the Larsons and Mid-America Peterbilt earned their first national award from Peterbilt Motors Company. Further demonstrating their exceptional dedication to service, the dealership won an additional North American Dealer of the Year award in 2003, as well as several other awards from Paccar and Peterbilt.

At left, Mid-America Peterbilt proudly displays its award announcement on a banner. Right: Current TRP of Fenton Parts Manager Jack Hartnett, Kyle Larson, General Manager John Locke, Director of Service Paul Joplin and Body Shop Manager Mark Brandt, pose with one of its several Peterbilt Platinum Oval awards.
Mid-America Peterbilt General manager John Locke, front-left, and Kyle Larson, front-right, pose with staff and its second North American Dealer of the Year award (2003).

The Larsons and individual dealerships continued to receive awards, which made a positive impact on the reputation of The Larson Group. The focus on customer satisfaction has landed the organization a total of 37 Platinum Ovals, six Best in Class awards, two Red Oval Truck Dealer of the Year awards, one Medium Duty Dealer of the Year award, one Parts and Service Dealer of the Year award and six North American Dealer of the Year awards.

Today, The Larson Group has 17 more locations, including:

  • Peterbilt of Sikeston (1998)
  • Peterbilt of Fort Smith (1999)
  • Truck Component Services (2011)
  • Peterbilt of St. Louis (2005)
  • Peterbilt of Louisville (2005)
  • Peterbilt of Evansville (2010)
  • Peterbilt of Cincinnati (2010)
  • Peterbilt of Northern KY (2010)
  • Peterbilt of NW Arkansas (2012)
  • Peterbilt of Willow Springs (2013)
  • Great Lakes Peterbilt (2014)
  • Peterbilt of Dayton (2014)
  • Peterbilt of Charlotte (2015)
  • TRP of Fenton (2015)
  • Peterbilt of Raleigh (2016)
  • Peterbilt of Florence (2016)
  • Peterbilt of Charleston (2016)

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