Ronaldo De Assis

Early Life

Ronaldo De Assis Moreira mostly know as "Ronaldinho" was born in March 11, 1980 in a small town called Porto Alegre, Brazil. When he was only 12 years old Ronaldinho scored 23 goals in a single game. After some scouts watch him play they took him to the Gremio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense youth squad.


Most of his career was developed in Europe, there Ronaldo played for FC Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain (PSG), and AC Milan. When Ronaldinho was transferred to FC Barcelona that lasted five years with the club he won many trophies with the club and by himself. He won the UEFA Champions League, Ballon d’Or, Spanish league, Copa del Rey, Golden foot, and FIFA world player of the year. Also Ronaldo played in other teams like Queretaro, Fluminense, Atlético Mineiro and Grêmio. Ronaldinho is one of three players that has won the most important titles in the world of soccer Ballon d’Or, World Cup, Copa Libertadores, and UEFA Champions League.


Ronaldinho has being a positive and lovely person who generally has an inspiring and energizing effect on others. However, he definitely has the tendency to overextend himself without taking the time to regroup or to move on to new things before he finishes previous tasks. If we talk about the qualities that he has to play soccer is the ball control, passing, and skills to do magic with the ball he would do some awesome tricks.


He has influence many people to play or just to be a fan of soccer because when he used to play he always had a smile with himself. Ronaldo also inspired many of his fans by the way he sees and play soccer he would do some awesome tricks. His career also has influenced other professional players like Lionel Messi, Neymar Da Silva, and Douglas Costa. Many fans who are influenced by Ronaldinho always played clean he was never red carded. He has gave a lot of advice to players who are in youth academies.


In conclusion Ronaldinho is a person who lives his life with happiness and that is the only thing you need to be free. He learn and developed his childhood with a ball in his feet. Ronaldinho always played soccer with a smiled and sees this sport as an entertainment for people. He won many trophies with clubs and soccer teams because of his hard work.

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