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Brooke Moriber is a singer/ songwriter and native New Yorker critically acclaimed for her “clarion voice” by the Associated Press and songs that are "destined for high rotation". Her distinctive sound ranges in influences from Linda Ronstadt to Amy Lee.

Brooke's unique career started on the Broadway stage where she earned a reputation for her powerhouse vocals and has received special mention by the New York Times for her acting abilities.

Since the age of fifteen, Brooke has been writing and licensing her own original pop/ country/ rock music to network television and several soundtracks. Brooke's remarkable ability to juggle her career as a recording artist and an actor has found her sharing the stage and screen with such performers as The Gin Blossoms, Cindy Lauper, Alan Cumming, Lily Taylor and Kristin Johnston.

Brooke's latest EP from Nashville "Here And Gone" is soon to be released through the Sony distribution company The Orchard.

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Skope Magazine: "This is as fine as it gets with big league pop."

Neufutur: "Immense vocal range." "...The sheer allure of Moriber’s vocals elicits comparisons to Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, and Carrie Underwood." "...The track is destined for high rotation. There are enough twists and turns to Dangerous Love that one will be able to spin it throughout the end of spring and deep into the summer months."

Bandblurb: "This is music intended to stand and last, not merely some good time piece of fluff destined to be forgotten five minutes after the song ends. “Fire” is a living, breathing work of musical art from a creative force nearing the peak of her powers."

Gashouse Radio: "Look past the pretty face. It isn’t hard to stare and not be entranced by such a devastatingly beautiful lady. However, the first single from her debut album might shock your ears. “Fire” is premium pop, without question. Moriber’s songwriting deserves praises for maintaining focus while peppering the song with a handful of thrilling crescendos that will invigorate all but the most cynical of music fans."

Tolucan Times: "If you haven’t heard of Brooke Moriber, or should I say heard Brooke Moriber, you haven’t been listening carefully. Comparisons of her voice are being made to Linda Ronstadt. That’s pretty good company."

Indie Music Reviews: "The title cut of her debut EP, “Fire”, illustrates her talent for connection. From the first note to the last, “Fire” conveys a message of unresolved longing, a wealth of emotion, and an almost cinematic flair for song construction. 'While her pipes are impressive, she never overwhelms the marriage of voice and music. Instead, she pulls the song even closer to her during these refrains and it pays off with a lush interweaving of her astonishing voice and spot-on instrumentation. Her deliberate pace throughout the verses retains real urgency clearly building towards an enormous chorus. Even if listeners sense that moment coming, they will be wowed when it arrives."

Vents Magazine: "The verses show off her talent for filling her songwriting with passion and phrasing alike. While less self-assured aspiring pop stars cast themselves in recognizable molds, Moriber has offered the world a song, familiar yet unfamiliar, that overflows with musicality and personality. “Fire”, the title track of her forthcoming EP, reminds us all that pop music needn’t be some trash art form always pandering for a dollar.

Associated Press: “a clarion voice”

NYC Scene Report: "Moriber is a Broadway veteran who is embarking on a career as a solo artist, and her current sound has both rock and pop influences. Oh, and it goes without saying that with her background in musicals she has some really huge vocals. Sometimes when an artist has a voice that begs to belt out every lyric they can overpower a band. The good news is Moriber’s band is seriously kick ass, and on this particular night they matched her in intensity, which is no easy task. Check out this clip of Moriber singing “In Every Song”. The song is off of her upcoming EP, and was one of my favorites from her set."

“Noted for her powerful voice, Ms. Moriber’s sound is pop-y yet haunting. Her songs blend the dramatic strength of Evanescence with the upbeat pop of Katy Perry”

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