Islam Mallorie , Essence

Demographics :

Islam followers where called Muslim . Islam religion is growing rapidly and is known the second largest religion in the world with 23 percent of global spread . Most of the people who practices the religion lives across Middle East , North Africa , and Spain .

History backgrounds

The religion had begun in the early 600s CE and started in Arabian Pensiula . According to Muhammad their prophet it started because he believed an angel visited him , who bought messages from the only and truly god called , Allah .

Islam God

Muhammad was the one who found the religion and was important to Muslim people because , he preached the form of monotheism . Muhammad teachings and prophecies had much in common with Christianity and Judaism that spread across the nation .

They live their life by the five pillars which are , Faith , Prayers , Alms , Pilgrimage, Fasting . Also mosque services on Fridays .

Islam spread from Mecca to Medina , and then through Central Asia , North Africa , Spain , and old parts of Byzartine and Persian Empires. The religion spread after the death of their Prophet Muhammad. The muslims believe in the final judgement day . Their holy bible is called ," The Quran ".


The muslims worship at a building , called mosque and is a place of prayer and worship and also Muslim's community.


The color green and yellow which represents the mosque silhouette.


The star and crescent which represents the Allah in Arabic .


Is a celebration that is in the ninth month on Islamic calendar and marked as month of blessing , prayer , fasting , and charity.

'id Al - fitr

Is a holiday that is a month of fasting during daylights hours and muslims usally give zakat (charity) on an occasion .

Interesting fact

Muslim use only their right hand for eating and drinking .

Interesting fact

The Quran , Islams most sacred book , means " recitation" in Arabic .


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