Morgan and Bethany Romulus vs Remus

A long time ago there lived a king who had a yonger brother, one day thay had a fight and the yonger brother won.

The god of mars told rhea to not hav baby's so the god of mars took the baby's to the river tiber

One day a she-wolf fawnd the twin's and safed them and lookt after the twin's like there owne pup's one day a shepad came and took them to his wife

They grod up to be shepads like theyr fathe one day they met the king shepad and had a fite and Remus got capshad and been sent to jale

Romulus saved Remus and killed the king and the viligs clamd for romuls and remas to be king

Romalus and remus did not like to be the king together so thay had a fight romalus won and killed remus romalus built rome on mointing A and rulled rome for 1000 years.

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