Finding A Solution By: senator Cluff

I am U.S. senator Levi Cluff and the reason why I am talking about these problems and trying to come up with a solution to them is to help make the relationship between us and the natives better for everyone. This constant war between settlers and natives is not good for either party, and it just angers one another. The problems to be addressed are as follows: Granting Native American citizenship (or not) in the U.S. This would mean bringing natives in and teaching them the American people’s ways. Next is territories and borders (What shall be “native land” and where the borders lie) for example making reservations where the natives can live without influence from white settlers, and finally the conflict of Valuable resources being on native land and the U.S. government wanting those resources, for instance gold and other precious materials. It is time to resolve our problems with the Native American people for the greater good, and to ensure the survival of our two people’s.

Problem number 1: Granting Native American Citizenship in the U.S. This would mean Native Americans learning our ways and being taught how to work alongside with our government and follow our laws. Taking them off the reservations and showing them the ropes of an American citizen and treating them as one. Problem number 2: Territories and borders (What shall be “native land” and where the borders lie). We would be considering reservations much like the one in the Wounded Knee Massacre but, in a means to prevent another like it. To solve this problem, we would have to come to agreements with Native Americans on which land would be the American governments and which land would be left to the Native Americans as a reservation (place where Natives can continue to live normally without being disturbed by U.S. government). Problem number 3: Valuable resources being on native land and the U.S. government wanting the resources. This would include Gold, food, and other precious metals/resources. To solve this problem the U.S. and Native Americans would have to come in agreement that if there was gold or other precious resources found on Native land, the U.S. would be responsible to re-locate the Natives or acquire the resources without causing problems.

Something that was tried to solve these problems between the Native Americans and the U.S. government was the Dawes Act was created. This law tried to solve the problems by allowing the Indians to own individual plots of land. The land that was not owned by Indians was sold off to white settlers. The effectiveness of this solution was around 50 percent. It did not end up working out the problems because many Native Americans did not believe in owning land. This lead to disputes between tribes and White Settlers. Even after land had been sold to the Native Americans if there were precious resources found on that land, the U.S. Government would try to relocate the Native Americans, but the Dawes Act didn’t permit them to do that. This created more conflicts than there were originally ultimately showing the Dawes Act did not provide a successful solution.

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