VR: Virtual Reality By: Jasen Holm

Virtual reality is a recent technological advancement that allows the user to interact with many different hing or places in the comfort of their own home or office. Using the goggles and the hand modules provided, the user can experience a new city, play a game or even watch movies. The way it works is that in the goggles there is a screen that curves around your head and they use a video and format it so whichever way the user looks the screen follows the users movement.

The are doing a preview of the movie Insurgent using the VR headsets.

This can impact media today massively because they can you the Virtual reality kit to experience live events and shows from their house. I think they can make different applications to experience different things. Like i said i think they can make a sports app to allow anyone that owns a virtual reality set to view these different things. A pro is that its a new thing to bring excitement to different things and bring a new generation to see new things. Also using VR this can help people experience things and travel without having to pay for the trip. A con is that the price to own one of these apparatus' is pretty high and most people might no be able to afford them. Also people after using the product might feel disoriented an have eye strain.

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