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iDEA 'numero uno'

My first idea was to have an exhibition and in that exhibition, my work would be shown to the public. It would be sequences of photography’s that I have took but to make the viewing experience better, Ill planning on making certain parts of these photographs animating slightly to bring some life in those images.
To make it classed as an interaction my plan was to make an app with adobe XD. The app will have all of those images that the audience will see and it will have some information about those individual images which the audience can have a look at if they wanted to more about it.

IDEA 'Numero Dos'

IDEA 'Numero tres'

The third idea is similar to the second one. My plan is to make a website with my animation as my home page and then the process of the whole thing as different page. the info will be designed for touch and various of cool scrolls will happen when a user interacts with it.

IDEA 'Numero Quarto'

The fourth Idea is also similar the other two. This is idea is to make a interactive booklet. My design explain it.

This idea is straight forward. I would create a 3D environment of a small exhibition hall with all of my photos. The player will be able to walk around the room and look at the images. They can click on the images to bring some information about that piece.

type of style

The idea is to have black and white images but then have certain parts of the images to have colour. The plan is to have those parts animated.

Parallax Photography

Parallax Photography is where certain parts of a pictures move in slow motion whilst everything else is frozen. Photographers tend to do this to make to capture the audiences attention to one specific part. It usually tells a story and also to create a depth of field. That's what I want to do. Its a cool trend and i want to be apart of that. I want to have sequence of images that do just that. Adam will be doing the sounds. our plan is to have a track that would gradual have more instruments added on to it as you go from one images to another. Each instrument that added on will represent the tone of that specific picture. Here's an example of this type of style.


Cinemagraph is similar to parallax photography. What makes it different is that the moving parts of the images are videos. I want to combine these two styles. It would be nice to peruse these two styles separately but it would look even better if both of these style were combined together. Its one of the reason why i love doing photography. You learn from existing stuff and then change it to make it something new. Here's an example of Cinemagraph.

The Photographers that i'm getting my ideas from.

Ansel adams

The reason why I picked Ansel Adam was because I was very familiars with his work. When i first started to do photography, he was first black and white photographer I looked at. His work influenced the way i did my work. Specially when it came to environments.

What made him better then the other photographers at the was that he was a musician before he took the route of becoming a photographer. When you make music, there's a certain type of vibe you want to listeners to feel something . He uses that same technique with his picture even if its black 'n' white, his pictures always set a tone and it was at hard to show that since it was black 'n' white. He made it look easy.

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