The Renaissance By: Desirae Castro

Marco polo and the silk road

The reopening of the Silk Road helped the Renaissance because people traded and traveled when the Mongols took over. The text states,"As their curiosity grew, people began to demand good from Asia. Trade between Asia and Europe increased"(Holt 300). This is sentences shows that since the Silk Road opened again and the Mongols took over people feel safe again to go on the Silk Road. Since they feel safe the people can start to trade again and expand their trading.

Italan Trade Cities (Florence)

Medici Family

The top left pictures shows the architece from the Medici family. That just shows that it was very expensive and took a long time to do. The top right picture shows the art that was from the Medici family and the painting was very deatailed. It didn't just take 5 minutes to do it to took a while to finish. The bottom left picture shows just a picture of some of the Medici family. It is showing the bold line or family tree. Lastly, the bottom right picture is the icon of the Medici family banks.

Rediscovering the past (greek and roman)

The Greek and Roman classical ideas helped shape the development of the Rennisants because

Leonardo Da vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the greatest Rennisants lived. He was one of the best sculpturers that ever lived. His sculptures were very detailed, since he studied anatomy he put what he knew about anatomy into his sculptures. That is why his cpsculpters were so life like and looked really.

These pictures are examples of Leonardo Da Vinci's anatomy work. Leonardo Da Vinci's work is so deatailed because he studies anatomy. At the doctors we still use some of his pictures because the pictures are so detailed. If you see in the pictures you can see that his hand writing is backwards. His writing is backwards because he was left handed and when she write left handed then the words spuge. So he has this technique to write backwards and people can still read it.


Michelangelo was also one of the greatest sculpture builders and painters. Michelangelo built the statute of David that was about 17 feet tall. It was the largest sculpture built. Once it was done they decided to put it in front of a mueseum. That is one of the greatest statues Michelangelo has ever built.

Paper and printing (Johann GUTENBERG)

The big top left picture is just a picture of what the printing press looks like. The top right is a picture of the workers putting the paper on the two needles so when you put it on top of the ink it stays the same. It also shows the mas is pounding the ink onto the stamps. The picture under the top right is just an example of what the stamps look like that go on the paper. The bottom left picture show a picture shows that after you put the paper on top of the ink then you have to put the board in and you have to pull the lever that is shown in the picture. Lastly, the bottom right picture is the final results after the whole process that is what it would look like.

This printer press had a huge impact on literacy because when people had to copy books they used to copy the book by hand writing it. Since this was invented the people who had to copy the books didnt have to any more. That is why it made a huge impact when it comes to literacy.

Renaissance Writing (William Shakespeare)

William Shakespeare's writing reflected the ideas of humanism because in his plays he put humanism in the actors. The text states,"Ever since, people have enjoyed the beauty of Shakespeare's laungaue and his understanmeant of humanity"(Holt 317). This sentence explains that he understood how people were. Shakespeare's writing attracted such an audience becsue in his writings people were important. The text states, "The following passage reflects the Renaissance idea that each human is important"(Holt 317). This sentence explains that his poem and books made people feel important. In conclusion,

“Cowards die many times before their deaths;" William Shakespeare-Julius Caesar

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