Nokia 3310 re-launched

Nokia will re-launch the 3310, perhaps the best-loved and most resilient phone in history.

The phone, originally released in 2000 and in many ways beginning the modern age of mobiles, will be sold as a way of getting lots of battery life in a nearly indestructible body.

The new incarnation of the old 3310 will be sold for just €59, and so likely be pitched as a reliable second phone to people who fondly remember it the first time around. It will be revealed at Mobile World Congress later this month, according to leaker Evan Blass who first revealed the details.

Other great news stories in the past year

A British Airways flight was forced to turn around because of a "smelly poo".

On the one year anniversary of the poo that grounded a plane, what have we learned? How, collectively, have we grown?

"You squeeze your way into the cramped lavatory, thinking this is just going to be a routine bowel movement, and then you can return to your seat and relax until you land. Maybe even take in a movie, who knows. You can't watch any videos on your phone, and you can't browse the internet, being on an airplane and all, so you are alone with your thoughts. And then you feel it.

The first inklings that something isn't right. Was it the two-week-old Mexican takeout you ate the night before? Was it the 12-pack of beer you washed it down with? Maybe it was just nervousness? Possibly a mixture of all three, you will never know. What you do know is that something unholy is about to start in this small room, 30,000 feet in the air.

It starts slithering out of you in the most violating way, as if your colon had detached and was slowing pulling itself free of your body. And the smell. Like burning hair and decomposition, and maybe a little two-week-old Mexican. You start to gag, and then you hear people outside of the bathroom join you. Dear god, you hadn't even thought of the collateral damage. All the while, the shit is still pouring out of you, and showing no signs of slowing.

Minutes later, you finish. You don't even bother wiping, you know that nothing can be done. You pull your trousers up, and sheepishly open the bathroom door. Women and children are crying and holding their shirts up to their faces to mask the stench, and men look at you with a perplexing mix of disgust and admiration. You slide into your seat, numb to the horror that is wafting through the air.

The intercom breaks the deafening silence a moment later. You only hear coughing and gasping at first, but then the captain's trembling voice squeaks through. He tells the entire plane that he can't finish the flight, he has to land, to go home, so he can hug his children and remind himself that God hasn't left him. You feel the plane turn around, and you feel the eyes of everyone judging you. And then you feel something worse.

Round two brewing in your stomach." reddit user u/thr33beggars


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