4 Tips for Eye-Catching Photos of Your Next Event

As people are quickly scrolling through their Instagram feed, they may pass right by your post if the image doesn't make them stop and take in your story. Taking the time to do more then just take a picture can make a huge difference.

Take a look at the scene of your image. Notice anything that may be distracting. Are there personal items on the counter? Can the garbage can be moved or hidden? If you shoot on an angle rather than straight on, or take a knee, will it offer a more interesting angle of your product or subject? All quick fixes.

Consider these 4 tips for capturing eye-catching photos:

1. Watch for clutter.

Many live events are go go go and there is no extra time to take a set picture. From event planners to trade show vendors, if you are wanting to send out a post on your social media platform(s), take the time to look beyond your product or booth set up. It is an easy fix to move the Timmies cup from the counter, hide the garbage can, or wait for a passerby to move out of the shot. If the item in the way can not be moved, then you move by simply changing your angle.

You don't want the simplest distraction to take away from your feature item.

remove clutter, or stand in front of it so it does not distract from image. Event: Canada Winter Games, Red Deer

2. Get close, change your angle.

Trades shows and artisan shows are vital to many business marketing plans for the year. They introduce new products, and potential customers and collaborators.

Use this opportunity to take photos of your set up. This is important for many reasons. They can be used as a record of your set-up for consistency from show to show. This is especially great if you have different staff setting up different shows. It also gives you a series of photos you can then use for marketing material and as you plan your social media posts.

So let's make them interesting.

Everyone does the straight on booth shot, and it has its place. But as people are scrolling through their social media feeds, will it make them stop and pay attention?

Get up close. Change your angle. Show details. Encourage people to stop and look.

showcase your booth...and your product! Event: Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Trade Show & Sale

3. Utilize the built-in photo editor in your camera phone.

Most of us have a smart phone with a half decent camera that we use to post directly to our social media. Before you do so, take a minute to edit your picture. Know the options your camera phone offers to give your photo that extra somethin somethin.

quick and easy in camera adjustments

It may be as simply as hitting the magic wand for instant clarity. Or open up the menu and adjust the light, the colour saturation, or change it to black and white for a more dramatic effect. Finally set your crop. This will let you straighten your horizon line, push into your subject, remove distractions, or preset your format size.

in camera editor on iPhone8. Event: Signature Shows Indie Handmade, St. Alberta

4. Know Your Formats.

Ultimately most of the event photos we take are used on social media. And of course each has its own format needs. For instance, by default, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn post horizontal images and videos, whereas Instagram typically posts a square, and Stories are vertical.

With that in mind, you will want to take your photos with your camera in both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) modes. Videos too if you wish to share on Youtube vs Stories. Or, know very specifically which platform you are shooting for.

Photo taken in both landscape and portrait for use in Facebook post and Instagram story. Event: Alberta Beer Festivals The Mashing, Edmonton

There are many tips and tricks when it comes to photographing a live event, but with the ease of the camera phone, and the popularity of instantly sharing your images on line via social media, hopefully these 4 tips will make a difference at your next event.

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