Lilyana Elizondo Facts of Africa

Africa is the second most driest continent, but the first driest continent is Australia
Between 1525 and 166 Africans were taken into slavery in America
Countries of Africa are a number of 54 countries with billions of people
Djibouti had cattle domesticated 3,500 years ago
Elephants are the largest land animal that lives in Africa, the African elephants can weight up to 7 tons
Flamethrowers are allowed to be attached to cars to repel cars in Africa
Giraffes are already extinct in at least 7 African nations
A hippopotamus is the deadliest animal, it kills more then lions and crocodiles combined in Africa
Is the only African continent that has their own Alphabet with 346 letters
Jungles plants are used to make medicines in Africa
Kenya is visited each year to see the savanna and animals there
Languages from all around world are only spoken in Africa with 2,000 recognized
Murmur tribe woman wear plates on their lips as large as 5 inches and 12cm in diameter
Nile river is the longest river and is 4,132 mils long
Oldest human ever discovered was found in Ethiopia and was 200,000 years old
People in Africa have to walk 3.7 miles and 6 KM to collect water
Quinine is a alkaloid found in a tree called "Cinchona" it is used to treat malaria
Rats are used to sniff out land mines in Africa
The Sahara desert in Africa is as large as the United states
The largest lake in Africa is lake Victoria and is the second largest fresh water lake in the world, the first largest freshwater lake is Baikal
Uganda is visited for its endangered mountain gorillas with only 750 in the population
Victoria falls has 600 million cubic liters of water that hit the ground every minute
World's biggest frog was found in Guinea and Cameroon in Africa, called that Goliath frog and could grow to a foot and weigh 8lb
Xhosa is people who speak freely in a group
Yearly rainfall is an average of 464 mm in Africa and the worlds average rainfall is 860 mm
Zimbabwe Africa's first president was president Banana


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