Getting To Know You By: Sarah Grace Hall

If I could have an endless supply of food I would choose sour gummy worms.

If I was an animal I would like to be a goat because they are my favorite animal and are cool.

I would like to accomplish going to and finishing college.

I liked Superman because that is the only one i knew.

My hero would be my sister because she is great.

My favorite thing to do in the summer is go to the beach.

I'm not sure what the movie would be about but Anne Hathaway would play me.

I would be cotton candy ice cream because it looks cool and it is my favorite kind.

My favorite cartoon character would be Dora cause she taught me spanish.

I would like to go to Germany because my cousin lives in Germany.

My ideal job would probaly be a teacher cause I like nice little kids.

I would say I am a night owl because I do not like waking up early.

My favorite hobbie would have to be baton because I have been participating for a long time.

I guess one of my pet peeves would be people bullying others I realll do not know.

The weirdest thing that I have eaten would be squid jerkey.

My favorite thing about my mama is she is always caring.

I use to have a habit of biting my fingernails but that is not really quirky.

My three words would be caring, friendly, crazy.

The movie about my life would be a comedy.

I really do not know who i would be if i could choose i guess someone famous.


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