Commerce Assignment Stand Up Paddle Board Sophie Doherty - Year 9

My Chosen Durable Good is a Stand Up Paddle Board

Me with my chosen board

Description of Good

Brand: I have chosen the brand BIC Sport as it was recommended to me by a professional and is a trusted and well-known brand.

Brand I have chosen

Size: I chose a board that is relative to my height, my chosen height is 2.8 metres (9 feet, 2 inches).

Colour: The colour I preferred was pink as it reflected my personality and I have always wanted to have a bright coloured board. I also chose the board given the pink flower.

Features: My board has a pointed tip and the ability to have 3 or more fins which can be really helpful if used in the surf. I was also able to buy a matching paddle to go with my board.

The Key Factors that affected my Choice

Board with Paddle and Leg Rope

Product Review: This review gave a 4/5 star review of the BIC SUP Board. The product review affected my choice as I would not buy a board that others have reviewed as poor quality or one that is less durable and subject to potential breakage.

Recommendations: A recommendation from a professional will affect my product purchase as I will not buy a product that is from a brand that is poor quality or not trusted.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Professional

Competing Products: I had originally considered buying a NSP SUP Board given I had hired this product previously and also seen many of these boards. After reviewing the available boards, cost, colour, reading product reviews and speaking to the Stand Up Paddle Board Professional I decided to purchase a BIC SUP Board.

Price: The SUP Boards from other competing brands were more expensive than the board from BIC Sport. The board I have chosen is less expensive at $1,249 compared to other more expensive boards such as one from NSP at $1,395.

Marketing: BIC is well-known for their pen collection and therefore when people look into buying these boards they may be unsure to trust a brand that has spent a lot of time in another field. However, they have marketed their sport range well with signed athletes, social media connections and positive product reviews.

Branding: BIC is an easily identifiable brand with a large stationery and sporting range. For SUP Boards, BIC shows its logo on the top and underneath of each board. Paddles that are also available show the logo clearly in a standout colour.

Environmental Considerations: BIC believes that their boards are very environmentally sustainable. Their manufacturing process allows them to recycle waste material, eliminate gas emissions and conserve energy and water usage. The boards are also built to last resulting in less landfill.

Where I will buy my Product (Source and Location)

I will buy my board from a store situated in Bayview, Sydney, NSW. The store Paddlecraft still sells 2016 models of the board I would like to purchase. As the location is only 30 minutes North of Roseville it is possible to arrive at the store, order and purchase my Stand Up Paddle Board at the premises. The reason for purchasing my board this way is to ensure a safe delivery and confirm the board will not be scratched, marked or damaged.

Two Alternatives for Payment of the Good. Advantages and Disadvantages of Each.

Credit Card vs Debit Card

Payment by Credit Card

What is a Credit Card: A credit card entitles you to money lent to you by the bank or a store. After a month of buying with the card a list of items that have been bought will be sent as a credit card statement. You will then have to pay the accumulated money before a certain date. If you have not payed off this money after the period of time interest will be added onto the original sum of money.

Payment by Debit Card

What is a Debit Card: A debit card is a way of paying for goods and services by using your own money. This money will be transferred out your account automatically.

Which Method I will Use and Why

I will use a Credit Card to purchase my Stand Up Paddle Board. The reason for this is because it provides a good record of purchase and with a large expensive good such as a SUP Board, I may not have sufficient funds to purchase it immediately. A credit card will allow me to pay off my purchase at the end of the month if I require more money to pay for the good.

There is an Issue with your Product after Purchase

Flowchart of Steps to Return and Report an Issue with a Product after Purchase


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