Stem Cell Article Jennifer yuan

Who is the audience? Being an Irish News website, it was meant for the Irish to read but is also is important to others. Also people with oesophageal cancer.

What is the main idea of this article? The main idea of this article would be the Irish researchers potentially discovering a cure for oesophageal cancer. They discovered that cancer cells have lower levels of a substance called miR-17. By putting more of this substance into these resistant stem-cells, they were killed off more easily by radiation.

Where did it occur? Trinity College Dublin, St James’s Hospital, the Coombe hospital and the University of Hull. (All in Ireland)

When did it happen? January 17th, 2017.

Why is this article significant to the targeted audience? This article is significant because as most people know, cancer is a hard illness to rid yourself of and now, the people who are effected with this cancer have better rates of becoming cancer free.

How could the information in the article affect you? As a person who wants to go into the world of medicine, it creates a better understanding how some stem cells can affect the body more than others and how not all of them are the same.

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