Shattered Lives Program at STHS Santa Teresa students were mesmerized by the dramatic simulation of a fatal car crash held for students to show the deadly effects of impaired driving or driving while intoxicated.


Shattered Lives of Dona Ana County used Airport Road to simulate a deadly head-on collision for the students of Santa Teresa High. Shattered lives stages this dramatic presentation at various schools throughout the county. This was the third time it was staged by Santa Teresa High over the past few years

The full-scale demonstration of a fatal crash included the use of air ambulance which actually took Santa Teresa student Jaryd Huckabee to Memorial General in Las Cruces. The training exercise included Dona Ana Sheriffs, Las Cruces PD, Border Patrol, Sunland Park Fire and Rescue and various ambulances, all using this dramatic presentation as a training exercise.

Border Patrol agent Adrian Carr acted as the narrator of the dramatic scene acted out by student and emergency responders attending a fatal head on collision caused by impaired driving and DWI. He said, "Is it a tweet or text worth this and losing your life?"

Santa Teresa student acting as an injured passenger is attended to by EMS and Santa Teresa Fire personnel as they showed students what an real accident scene would look like and sound like.

Carmen Martinez, a Shattered Lives volunteer, acted as the distraught mother who realizes that her daughter is the person who was killed. The acting was part of what is intended to show students how fatal crashes affect family members.

A Santa Teresa student acting as a passenger of the car that had students who caused the accident walks around the demonstration car as a Shattered Lives volunteer played the part of the "Grim Reaper" symbolizing the fatal accident.

Santa Teresa High School yearbook photographers Ananda Diaz, Alexia Hale, Dianne Hefner take pictures of the various portions of the fatal car crash simulation sponsored by Shattered Lives of Dona Ana County.

Santa Teresa High sophomore Jayrd Huckabee, wearing make up making him look like a seriously injured victim, is interviewed by the media prior to the start of the simulation held on Airport Road in front of Santa Teresa High. Huckabee was later taken by helicopter to Las Cruces Memorial as part of the simulation that also prepared hospital staff for a similar situation. The entire simulation involving various law enforcement and emergency responders was sponsored by Shattered Lives of Dona Ana County.

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