science behind videogames By Iyeshua torres

I choose the topic of video games because I have played games. Its cool how mostly each years they make a new console, mostly the whole world have use or played video games until now. each years they make new games so more people could buy to entertain themselves.

It takes engineering about 1 month to make 100 ps4 it must of took them 1 year to make enough for people that want to buy some but It says that most of the people that work to make the ps4 the make a tone of money because it has to take them a long time to make one. sometimes they have to make the console even better because you need the graphs an d how they make the games it has to take while .

  1. PlayStation was the 1st videogame console to sell over 102.49 million units. That’s more than the Xbox, GameCube, and Nintendo 64 combined.
  2. The more games you played on your PlayStation 2, the more glowing towers were added to the console’s startup screen, and the longer you played, the higher those towers climbed.
  3. To this day, the Playstation 2 has sold over 157 million units, making it the best selling videogame machine in history.
  4. Like Xbox Live Gold, PS4 players will have to pay for a PlayStation Plus subscription to access online multiplayer for their games. Now Nintendo is the only major console maker left without a similar paid service.
  5. Most popular games for each PlayStation system: Gran Turismo (PlayStation, 10.85 million copies sold), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PlayStation 2, 17.33 million), Grand Turismo 5 (PlayStation 3, 10.66 million).


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