Journey Log 2 By Adam Schwartz

Adam Schwartz

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Journey Log 2


I am a Gamer and Superman Is Me

Whenever we are all home during break from school and work, my family always seems to want to reflect when I was around ten-thirteen years old. Around that age, they believed my free time consisted of me relaxing on the couch playing video games and mostly staying inside. However, they always fail to remember that they made me play soccer, basketball, baseball, and football during the year, so I remember mostly driving from sports event to the next sports event. I will admit though that I did spend a substantial amount of time playing video games, and like Iijeriichoii (narrator from I am a gamer) I was constantly looked down upon for not being social. Although I was a little different than him, unlike Iijeriichoii I did not actively participate in online gaming all the time, and instead I found myself usually playing a lot of sports video games against the computer. That’s all they thought anyway, but in reality it was way more complex. I constantly played franchise mode in Madden, NBA 2k, and MLB 2k; My teams would last 5-10 virtual years, have carefully selected players, and were my masterpieces. Everyone failed to realize how much effort I had put in; and how much I learned about business management and responsibility. The failure to create a successful team would get me virtually fired, a fear I never wanted to face. Without even realizing it I had suddenly understood a salary cap, bonuses, contracts, and how to handle negative media….. pretty important information to know in today’s world, and all without being outgoingly social. That’s who I was and who I am to this day, I’m actively social but often I enjoy alone time without being bothered by others, where I can be in my own world.

One lesson I have really mastered from school was to think differently and be my own person, which is why I believe I enjoy alone time so much. Although I may not share many similar qualities with Sherman Alexie, I do admire his attitude and his ability to persistently freely think despite constant ridicule. Just to be clear, my family did not ridicule in the way Alexie faced opposing views, but at times I feel like I think drastically different than everyone else. My older siblings could never even understand why I loved being alone so much, maybe they liked to be outside more, or maybe I was just different. Also Sherman Alexie’s ability to piece together the tools needed for writing such as paragraphs and sentence structure are truly remarkable. It appears that his mind is constantly moving forward, how can he better himself or make people around him better. These qualities and ideas portrayed by Sherman Alexie is what I aim to implement into my own life. So what if I like to be by myself sometimes, I view that my time to learn from myself and usually end up in deep thought.

Today as a college student it’s often hard to find the time to sit in my room and play video games. However, what hasn’t changed is my love for alone time and personal reflection. It sounds funny, people often struggle to look in the mirror and find what they did wrong, or how they could be better, but it’s something that I really enjoy. I believe that developed from being alone quite a bit growing up, always while I played my games I was looking for ways to be better. In Madden if I had a solid team, it was important that I kept my salary cap low so I could move players as needed. I’ve brought these game strategies into my own life, taking responsibility for my actions, cutting out the negatives, trusting my gut and always looking for ways to improve myself. Lastly, I feel as if this paper makes me sound like I’m only willing to listen to myself, which is obviously not true. Without the help of teachers and family I would be nowhere close to where I am today, so if I ever fail to look at something in a different perspective call me out!

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