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Life is drawn by your own hands, a not so perfect sketch, but beautiful and one of a kind. Your own handmade

'WHOLE by noora' is a concept aiming at accompanying youth, families and communities to have a holistic approach to life in its different aspects.

We facilitate certain questions related to the concept of ‘Whole’ at the level of thought and the level of action and explore together how to find coherence between them, through discussions and projects, on individual basis and in group settings, through the use of Arts.

نساهم في تطوير المجتمع وحل المشاكل الاجتماعية، مساعدة الافراد على التأمل والتفكر عن طريق الفن والاحاديث الهادفة. خدماتنا متوفرة للاطفال، الشباب الناشىء، الآباء والعائلات

اتصلوا بنا اينما كنتم من اي نقطة في العالم

We seek to promote social change and solve social issues, help individuals to reflect and think, through Arts and Meaningful Conversations. Our services are available to children, junior youth, parents and families.

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Doodle Art a form of Active Meditation

For the first time ART comes in contact witH community work, Design, Facilitation, Coaching, Mindfulness and Yoga. Art sessions and Projects with a special twist...

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iMessege/Facetime/Email/Skype: wholebynoora@gmail.com

In each of our social media platforms you will be able to read articles from different sources related to the concept of living a holistic life. Learn from the wealth and knowledge of the world and start #MeaningfulConversations as a first step to start building positive and vibrant communities.

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Art Sessions are offered for Children, Junior Youth, Adults, Parents, Families and Groups. In hospitals, care homes, kindergartens, schools, universities, and for the community.






Book an appointment for face to face and/or online services:

iMessege/FaceTime/Skype/Email: wholebynoora@gmail.com

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