Learning in the 21st Century Gissel Campos

Digital Classrooms and Students' Use of Technology

Digital Classroom
  • More and more students are using technology
  • Technology has grown so much that ti is found in almost every aspect of our lives
  • Students bring their technology to school - this is inevitable
  • This has brought up subject of 'digital classrooms'
  • Digital classroom: the strategic integration of technology for instruction into a traditional classroom

Relation to 21st Century Learning

  • Relevant to classrooms due to increase in use of and advances in technology
  • Important for teachers to take into consideration because of how often students bring technology to the classroom
  • Teachers will need to make decisions about whether or not to limit technology int he classroom
  • In order to do so teachers need to understand more about technology use

Issues in Digital Citizenship 

  • Digital literacy: focuses on the proper use of technology
  • important to consider both as a teacher and a student since technology is so prominent in social and educational settings
  • if students are going to have more access to technology they need to be able to balance using it
  • if teachers are going to have students use technology, they need to understand how to use it, how to effectively incorporate it, and how it relates to teenagers

Tools for the Digital Classroom

- WebQuest

  • Good alternative to traditional worksheet assignments
  • Allows for teachers to accommodate different learning styles
  • Allows for teachers to create more interactive classwork
  • Students can be more engaged
  • Allows for technology to be incorporated into the classroom
  • ** In the future I would consider incorporating a wider variety of activities that are suitable to different learning styles (visual, audio, etc.)

- Top 20 List

  • A compilation of web 2.0 tools for teachers
  • Tools both for creating classwork and for students to use themselves
  • Highlights: Piktochart, GoConqr, Wave, BibMe, Draw Island
  • Important for teachers choosing to use technology in their classrooms
  • Relates to 21st century learning because of emphasis on use of technology

Technology as it Relates to Everyday Life of Students

- Being 13 (CNN)

  • Provided insight into the lives of modern thirteen-year-olds
  • Provided a real account of how thirteen-year-olds interact both online and in person due to online activity
  • Also showed parent attitudes toward the teenagers' behavior both on- and off-line
  • Important for teachers to consider the effects of online interactions on students
  • Students' academics can be benefited by technology, but their relationships are also impacted both positively and negatively
  • Teachers must consider issues such as teenagers' image and status online when working with them in the classroom
  • Even if students do not use technology in the classroom, technology will still affect their education

- Wonder (novel)

  • Portrays real-life issue of inclusion and acceptance
  • While not explicitly related to technology, it relates to concepts of a modern classroom needing to adjust to accommodate students' differences
  • Looked at issue of social interaction in-person, which in the 21st century would go hand--in-hand with online interactions
  • Some exchanges through the use of technology are present in novel - relates to theme of digital literacy and being able to use technology to express ideas

- It's Complicated (Book)

  • Focused on a variety of topics related to technology in teenagers' lives
  • Some prominent issues: image and perception online, cyberbullying, online interactions between peers
  • Highlight: Taylor's story
  • Important to the 21st century because it bring slight to prominent issues in modern teens' lives which would impact the classroom
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