Toby Apahidean Romanian rules!

My name is Toby Adam Apahidean and I was born in michigan which is in the United states

My nationality is romanian and jewish

Which means some of my ansestors came from romania,hungery and isrial

This is a picture of some of my uncles when they were kids and great grama and grampa.The one next to the kid in the top left is my dad!Fun fact: my grampa fought in world war ll in the army

This is my family including my cousins , aunts and uncles

Lets get to some mouth-watering foods!First the food in the backround is called cozonac(co-zo-nac).Its really good !Its like bread with màc inside that looks like a spiral .Even you can make it .first make dough and roll it out then spread a pudding or something and bake it in the oven ,That simple!

These well are desert I can say.You're probribly thinking,"these look delish!"Geuss what, you're right!these things are called gogośi(go-go-sh).they are filled with like this pudding thats really good.then theres poudered sugar on it.Lets move on to the next "meaty" food!

Yup these are the next food.they don't look that good but they are fantastic especiallywith sour cream !There name is salmale(sol-ma-le).Its boiled cabbage rapped with meat inside.Or you could call the stuffed cabbage.Im going to be done with foods now.

Now im going to talk about some of romania's history!

This picture in the backround is a little bit of time in romania there lived dracula.shocked ?but its true he was not a blood sucking monster.people called him dracula because he was very harsh !

This is why my family came here from Romania.........

My parents came to the United States because they wanted more freedom.In romania they did not have free speech.They couldn't believe what they wanted to believe And my grandfather moved to California to get good education for his children.

Also my family loves to get together and have party's.I can say ,my family are pros at cooking.especailly my grandmother!Its like it runs through the family.we also are followers of Jesus.Before our family had 25 chickens,but only 1 survived.And her names eagle and she's still living at my house!Thats a little bit more of my family.

I'm little

That's me and this is the end of my adobe spark page.I also hope you learned about me and my romania food ,history,family,and why my parents came to the United States!See you next time!!!!!!!!


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