Defend Donna Osborne Savanna and POet

Ethos: Lynn Johnson shows her credibility because she is a "professor of law at Yale Law School" and is also an "author of the book The Myth of the Terrible Love Defense" (Pappas). Since she teaches about law and wrote a book about battered wives, she would be a trustworthy person.

Pathos: Donna Osborne appeals to peoples emotions by telling us how "Clint threatened to kill [her]" and how she saw "Chip beating his teddy bear with a toy tennis racket"(Pappas). Chip was influenced because he saw Clinton beating his mother so he beat his teddy bear with a tennis racket. This would appeal to the emotion of anger and sadness.

Logos: Kim Lenore uses the evidence that "Donna believed initially that Clinton's "hand slipped" and that it was the pressure of the office, had forced her to terminate her old friendships"(Pappas). Kim uses the evidence that Donna believed Clinton hit her on accident and that the office was making him stressed.


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