Theodore Roosevelt AJ lennox, Heath Floming & Kyle Kruthoff

  • Was homeschooled
  • Went to Harvard before attending Columbia Law School
  • Wrote The Naval War of 1812, published in 1882.
  • Became President of the Board of the NYC Police
  • Cleaned up corruption and got to a popular position
  • Became assistant secretary to the Navy, but essentially called the shots
  • Resigns position for volunteer Cavalry unit in Cuba - Rough Riders
  • Becomes a hero of the Spanish-American War
  • Becomes Governor of New York
  • Gets recognition and becomes McKinley's VP until McKinley's assassination and becomes President
  • 1st term without a Vice President
  • Square Deal - 3 C's
  • Consumer Protection, Corporate Busting, and Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Went on many hunting trips
  • Hired by the Smithsonian to go to Africa and hunt/catalogue animals
  • Handpicked Taft to be the next president
  • Later, Roosevelt tried to run again by making his own party
  • Roosevelt didn't agree with Wilson's WWI ideas
  • Roosevelt thought the U.S. should've gotten involved in the war sooner

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