Being 15 in Japan Cole gedeon 1st hour comp 9

Japan is located east of the Koreas and China. The population of Japan is 127.3 million. The Capital of Japan is Tokyo. Some interesting facts are that late night dancing was illegal until 2015 and Japan suffers 1,500 earthquakes per year. Also, Japan has more than 50,000 people over 100 years old.
Being 15 in Japan is stressful yet full of opportunity, because of school.
The Japanese placement tests for college or high education are very competitive.
Japan is one of the smarted countries in the world and there are a ton of people competing for the spots in college. (Speiser)
These placement tests are very stressful because you will stress and worry about not qualifying or making it to a great college. Students will study for hours on hours, needed to get in that top percentile.
Teens in Japan are full of opprotunity. If you place well on these test you are set up for a good college and successful life.
Since these tests are very competitive, if you do well on the tests you will go to a good college then get a good job.
Japanese lives are full of opportunity if you place well on the placement tests and work hard to show you are better than your classmates.
Through my research, I realized that Japanese lives are full of opportunity but stressful because of the effects of school and their placement tests.
Through this process, by recognizing emotion, I understand that we are very far away from Japan, we don’t realize it but we are very similar.
In Japan, families are more likely to grow and develop. Losing a baby is tragic and sad, and when the infant living rate is higher there are less of these tragedies and happier families.
The Japanese are just like us where teenagers are all over social media. They are very social. But when going to find a job or apply for college, their history on social media could help them or severely hurt them.
After my research, I have realized that culture and education in Japan and the United States are very similar . In the United States, we have the freedom of religion and can practice whatever religion we want. Also, we have the same school format and take school seriously, but in the Japaneese are more competitive on placement exams and classes.

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