Haley Renda CAS Highlights

She is pursuing a master’s degree in economics while working as a graduate assistant in the Economics department. Before coming to EMU Haley grew up in Boston, but she lived in New Orleans for the past 9 years after attending Tulane University for her undergraduate studies. The Economics department’s “2020 Celebration of Student Achievements” recognized Haley as one of the students in the department with the highest GPA, achieving a 4.0. Haley had this to say about her success, “I work full time in addition to being a full time student, and sometimes I worry that it gets in the way of my studies. It’s quite rewarding to have been able to excel in my studies despite the limitations of my schedule.”

Haley attributes a lot of her support to the faculty at EMU, "I’ve felt so supported by the faculty in the Economics department throughout my time at EMU. Any time I’ve had questions or needed assistance, the professors have been readily available and eager to help." Her fondest moment so far at EMU has been attending the Halloween symphony orchestra concert – the “Spooktacular” and Haley also has some advice for other students, “I think it’s important to remember that learning does not end when you leave the classroom. I’ve always found that making extra efforts in my own time has been my number one key to success.”