Running wild at slipstream

"Nain Rouge, the 90-minute giddy romp of a comedy" -- Patty Nolan,

"Memorable characters and moments are a plenty ... Steve Xander Carson's two-headed Baron de Moranchet" -- The Cranky Critic

"This production features many of the usual suspects, who dial the energy level up to a melodramatic eleven" -- Patty Nolan,

"Mandy Logsdon who truly stands out. Every entrance ... sucks the air out of the room, and she makes the most of it" -- the Cranky Critic

"Bailey Boudreau's... merry gang of mirth makers are at their finest bringing them to life" - The Cranky Critic

"If anyone wants to..we're going to Nain Rouge... It's a fun show, come have a good time with us. ...And If you can't make it tonight, go a different night, trust me." -- Darren

" a crazy mash-up of Belle Epoch farce, native Detroit chicanery, and the kind of high-energy improvisation that makes STI comedies so much fun to experience." --Patty Nolan,

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