If I Had A Hammer By Peter, Paul and Mary, 1962

1:17- 1:58

The group Peter, Paul and Mary is a very famous 1960s band that was formed in New York City in 1961. They are most known for their contemporary folk music including "Puff The Magic Dragon", "Leaving on A Jet Plane", and "If I Had A Hammer".

"If I Had A Hammer" is the groups song that supports the civil rights acts and black equality in 1960s America. The group sings about justice, freedom, and love between every American citizen. They say they have a hammer, a bell, and a song to enforce these things and help to support the African Americans in their fight. Peter, Paul and Mary will use their voices to do so. This can relate to the time period because there were riots, protests, and killings all because of the decisions around civil rights in America.

"Well, I've got a hammer, And I've got a bell, And I've got a song to sing, All over this land, It's the hammer of justice, It's the bell of freedom, It's a song about love between, My brothers and my sisters, All over this land, It's a hammer of justice, It's a bell of freedom, It's a song about love between my brothers and my sisters, All over this land"

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