Chili's Restaurant Review

I come to Chili’s with my family every two to three months, and I can say that the food there is definitely delicious and great! It serves an exquisite cuisine with a blend of the Tex-Mex style. The restaurant that I dined at was located on the ground level in Bawabat Al Sharq Mall in Baniyas in Abu Dhabi, and the parking is located in the building basement and beside it. The Chili’s which I dined at has a certain aroma whenever I enter there, and this aroma smells like wood. The atmosphere there is calm, soothing, and relaxing. The tables are made from wood, the walls from bricks, the floor tiles have a similar texture to rocks, and the restaurant is dimly lit. The menu had a lot of mouth-watering visual displays of the food they serve, featuring the Craft Burger Bites which cost Dh49, and another one was a dessert called Molten Chocolate Cake which cost Dh27. I ordered one Santa Chicken Salad which cost Dh49, one Crispy Chicken Taco, which cost Dh59, and 3 Evolution Cocktails which cost Dh69, and the overall price was Dh177. We paid by cash, although it’s also possible to pay with credit card. Chili’s also has a variety of social media, such as Instagram and twitter, and both accounts are @chilis.

The restaurant had an excellent hygiene, and they also offer wipes after the customer finishes his or her meal. The waiters were also very attentive to the customers. For instance, my mother lost her straw and immediately another waiter noticed and brought her another straw without even asking if there was something wrong. I definitely recommend Chili’s to everyone as it is outstanding and the food there is heavenly since it provides complete satisfaction to your taste buds. You can also make reservations with the restaurant for many events such as a birthday party. Not only Chili’s serves exquisite cuisine, but also has the perfect atmosphere to dine in after a long day.

The atmosphere of Chili's restaurant is usually calm, soothing, and relaxing.
The Evolution Cocktail is refreshing and sweet, which is a mix of pineapple and passion fruit.
Most of Chili's restaurants are dimly lit.
This the Crispy Chicken Taco which has a heavenly taste, which contains smoked beef bacon, mixed cheese, honey chipotle dressing, and ranch dressing.
The menu featured Craft Burger Bites and Oldtimer Craft Burger with Cheese.
The Santa Chicken Salad mainly consists of avocado, chicken and lettuce, which makes for a nice appetizer for 2-3 people.


Reem Al Shehhi

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