GREEK MYTHOLOGY by carson g.

The golden touch/The Midas touch means everything you touch turns to gold. Pandora's box means inviting trouble. Achilles heel means your weak spot. The Hera-clean tasks means impossible and hard tasks.

Zeus: Zeus was father of gods who lived on Mount Olympus. Zeus was a ruler of weather and heaven. He was the youngest of Cronus and Rhea. Zeus' trait would most likely be rude.Zeus' mom released him on an island so he didn't get eaten and replaced him with a rock.So Zeus' dad ate a rock. Zeus fought his father for ten years.

Pandora:Zeus created Pandora and her trait mostly is curiosity. Zeus got her and Epimethius a gift and it was a box filled with bad things. Pandora could not resist but to open the box and when she did bad things came out. When managed to close the box she trapped hope and despair. Despair was the only thing that would keep hope alive. Pandora trapped despair and hope in the box.

Hera: Hera's trait would be evil. She tried to kill Heracles was he was a baby because she thought Heracles would take over the gods and goddesses. So when Heracles was in his crib Hera put snakes in Heracles crib he grabbed the snakes tied the snakes in a knot and through the snakes out.

Heracles:Heracles' trait would be strong. He completed the 12 impossible tasks. When he made it back the king was surprised to see him standing before him. The tasks that were hard were called Hera-clean tasks.

My favorite monster would be the cyclopes.My favorite hero would be Heracles. My favorite myth was the Twelve Labors of Heracles.

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