Ray Lewis Madden 2005

In 2000 NFL linebacker Ray Lewis was accused of murdering a guy after a party in Atlanta. Lewis was ultimately acquitted of all charges and went on to have a remarkable hall of Fame career. As the years past Lewis was looked at as a team leader through motivational speeches before games and his work around the community. His play on the field was great enough to overshadow his shortcomings in the past. After winning a second Super Bowl, Lewis retired and went into the world of sports broadcasting in 2013. While he was a superstar on the field his work in front of the camera needed work. Some say Lewis was to aggressive and lacked professionalism in certain areas. Though seen as a blemish to some, I see it as a major accomplishment, to be accused of murder, to offering your football expertise to the masses is nothing to looked down on.

Russell Westbrook Point Guard Oklahoma City Thunder

Russell Westbrook has always been looked at as the Robin to Kevin Durant's Batman. With Durant now on Golden State Westbrook has been able to take over the Thunder the ways he wants to. When he was playing with Durant some viewed him as someone that didn't like to share the ball and was a terrible teammate. If you follow basketball you would know that the way he plays is just an extension of his competitive nature. Being the only alpha male on the team now fans around the basketball world are now starting to appreciate how talent.

This isn't a certain person but the actual brand of Call of Duty. Call of duty has been at the forefront of first person shooter game and was really the only one i knew of before friends started telling me of other games within that genre. My first time playing Call of Duty it was Black Ops 2 and I was hooked ever since, it was the only game i played for a year straight. So as a new fan, when Call of Duty: Ghost came out I preordered it and couldn't wait to play and to be honest I was disappointed. I wasn't the only one that had negative thoughts about the game, it was really a huge let down for many fans. So when it as tie for another cycle of the game, they released Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 which restored faith back into the brand, as some customers felt upset about the release of Ghost.

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