New Worlds Ball A ReMastered Event

An evening of music and community celebrating four years of ReMastered

Fri 27 Sep | 8pm–1am

Adelaide Town Hall

Tickets $75 each and strictly limited. Tickets include the New Worlds concert and your drinks and food at the New Worlds Ball

Dress code: taken from the pages of Vogue


About the Evening

A concert and a Ball. Perhaps not as you might expect.

8pm New Worlds concert | 10pm Ball begins | 11pm Runway | 1am Ball concludes

The New Worlds Ball is the meeting of two cultures that on the surface appear worlds apart. The beating heart of both, though, is community and expression through music and imagination. Your evening begins with an Adelaide Symphony Orchestra concert in the Adelaide Town Hall and ends with the New Worlds Ball.

New Worlds Concert Program

Douglas Boyd Conductor | Anthony Marwood Violin Soloist

Cathy Milliken Weave [World Premiere] | Schumann Violin Concerto | Dvořák Symphony No.9 'From the New World'

New Worlds Ball

The cultures of humanity are a constant source of fascination and exchange. Dvořák's Symphony No.9 was inspired by a place far removed from his Bohemian homeland of the Czech Republic. At the time of its composition, the composer was living in the "new world" and exposed to cultures that opened his eyes and ears. His New World Symphony is infused with themes which draw inspiration from the folk music of the First Nations people of America.

"I have simply written original themes embodying the peculiarities of the [American] Indian music, and, using these themes as subjects, have developed them with all the resources of modern rhythms, counterpoint, and orchestral colour."

The New Worlds Ball is inspired by an LGBTQI+ subculture which began to emerge in the larger cities of the US as early as the 1930s, fully blossoming in the 70s and 80s. This culture created a world where those that were marginalised could express themselves, where those that couldn't find a place of belonging, belonged. This culture became known as Ballroom.

From Ballroom emerged the dance genre, Vogue. Taking its name from the illustrious fashion magazine, this style of dance is inspired by the model poses that adorn the pages of the publication and provide a liberating and empowering way for individuals to embody and express a fantasy persona.

There are five elements of Vogue ...


An evening at a Ball would not be complete without a Runway or a "walk" — a dancefloor where contestants battle for the category crown through pose, Vogue or fashion and gender representation.

And, the New Worlds Ball Runway category is: Virgin

What does this mean? The category of Virgin is for those that are first-timers to the Runway experience. We invite you to take to the walk with your best poses, sassy catwalk, Vogue moves or fashion (posing also essential).

Think you've got what it takes to win the New Worlds Ball crown? We'll have a special guest judge to decide who'll be crowned on the night.

For those of you who choose to participate, this will be a lot of fun. For those of you who observe, this should be one experience that will stick with you.

How are the universes of Dvořák and Ballroom going to meet at the New Worlds Ball?

You'll just have to wait and see.

New Worlds Ball | Fri 27 Sep | 8pm–1am | Adelaide Town Hall

We proudly serve drinks from Mr. Mick Wines and Pirate Life Beer