Justin Wheeler Photo 2 Photo Gallery


The picture with the rock focus point is the rock. The picture attracts your attention to the rock then to the reflection. It makes you want to look at the picture more. The rock is placed on ⅓ of the way across the page. The eye goes straight to the rock and the reflection. The rock was edited to be in the focal point so it catches the eye.


The picture with the pink flower is a macro because it is zoomed in to the middle of the flower. It shows a close up of the flower and shows details. The middle of the flower is the part of the flower that the camera focused on. It makes the thing in the middle of the flower look larger and more detailed. The picture was taken to the side so it would expose more detail.

Leading Lines

The photo of the tree line and the path follows the leading line rule. The the trees are the leading lines that make the eye follow down the tree line and follows the path. The leading line leads to an vansioning point. The trees lead the your attention down the path to the end.


The monochrome photo that was edited through gimp had the concrete cloned out of it so it wouldn’t lead peoples eyes away from Taytum. The black and white was balanced in the photo so it wouldn’t be overpowered by one of the colors. The dark spots in the photo lead your eyes in a circle of interest. The black and white makes the photo more interesting.


I edited the photo with the hands in it by cropping out the stuff that was above the sheet. I then turned the opacity down so that it wouldn’t darkin everything too much. I burned midtones and highlights till it got to where i liked it. I then cloned over the light behind the sheet. I made sure that the round light bulb that was the brightest was cloned over with the right shade of the sheet that was on the other side of the person.

Still Life

The picture of the truck jumping over the dump truck had many things changed. The background was smudged and blurred so the waves in the would not draw attention. The whole image burned so the light in the image was not overpowering. There was an object in the side of the image in the rocks that I had to clone over.

Rules of Thirds

The picture of the football field is rules of thirds. The picture is rules of thirds because it is third of the way to the right. The subject has to be a third to the side or up of down in order to be the rules of thirds. This photo was taken so the viewer is attracted to the stands and then after they look there they look in front of the stands and catches their eyes.

Leading Line

The picture with the arrow pointing to the bottle is leading lines because the lines from the arrow all point at the bottle making your eyes follow the lines to the bottle. In order to be leading lines the lines have to lead the viewers eyes to the object. The lines are basically the guides that draw the viewers eyes into the picture. The arrow makes the eye look at the bottle and catches the attention of the eye.


The picture with the pink flower was one of my favorites. The flower really pops because I made the pink color more vibrant than the surrounded colors. I wanted to make the lady bug inside the flower pop so it would catch the eye. Because of the black spots on the ladybug, it pops out a little more. The picture shows the detail of the flower and the bug enough to attract the eye.


I cloned the date off so it would not be distracting and take the view away from the end of the hallways. I took out a bag string sticking out of a locker so it would not take away the value of the subject. Cloning is an important tool so you can restore the value of the subject you want. If wanted to, I could clone out the posters on the wall so they do not get in the way either.


In the picture of Olga, I cloned Tryton out because he was in the way of the picture and he made the picture have a lot of shadow. He was standing behind her and his shadow was next to her making a large black spot in the picture. I cloned the shadows out in order to make the picture more colorful. I went to the color balancer and had the green turned up just enough for the colors to pop a little more than before. I believe this picture looks good because of her being in the middle of talking while she is walking. It just looks nature and does not have the fake pose kind of look to it.


The picture with the fence was created using the layers tool and the grayscale mode. The layers can adjust the shadows and the light areas better than the other ways of doing it. The contrast tool helps get a good starting point where i can begin using the layers tool.