Good Life Tour of the Harn ChrysLynn Betts

Medium of the Art

One of the art pieces that I saw at the Harn was a showcase of vases that came in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Seeing this piece in person was astonishing because I was able to see all the beautiful colors in person and how the light reflects off the glass and makes the colors more vivacious. What I found to be so striking about this medium was the different shapes these vases came in, because typically I've just seen basic, normal looking vases, however, these came in interesting forms that made you look at vases differently in a way that there are so many different ways to appreciate the various figures. Similarly like the human body, there are so many different shapes and figures to appreciate as there is not simply one form. Simply admiring these vases and observing its art communicated that message to me of human bodies. Through this message, this art piece made me feel enlightened and inspired in a way that I saw human bodies through a different perspective, almost like I saw human bodies from an outside perspective that allowed me to see how beautiful each different shape was and it made me feel that no matter how you feel about your body internally, that from the outside, you'll always be beautiful.

Design of the Museum

I particularly enjoyed the outside garden exhibit in the way the building was designed because I really appreciated the modern look because that is how I would like my future home to look like, thus this design coincided with my likings and future goals. I also like the arrangements of the windows in how there were so many of them in which it allowed to bring in so much light and a beautiful view into the museum. The modern look made me feel as though I was at an exclusive, rich LA party with many people to impress with the sophisticated look of the building.

Art and Core Values

One of my deepest and strongest core values is appreciating women, whether that is physically or mentally. And this piece allows me to further appreciate the physicality of women and how beautiful we are. Lips are a very distinct feature women have, we love to enhance them, color them, anything to accessorize our beauty. Thus, this art piece explores how vivacious we bring our bodies alive with one simple but very important part of our body. This piece instills an emotion of beauty in a way that all parts to the female body is beautiful, even if we are just looking at one part, like our lips. It is what we speak from, what we eat from and it is such a beautiful body part to appreciate and photograph. This photograph makes me cherish my value in women more on a level of further recognizing how simple yet gorgeous lips can be, whether they are natural or are all glittered up, all forms and colors are equally beautiful.

Art and Good Life Themes

In this piece, the description discusses how when light is taken away and shadows is the focus of the piece, the similarities of the human shape and form shines through. I feel that this evokes a theme of appreciation of all the similarities the human body has. Often we look at how beautiful our differences are. But in this piece they appreciate how similar we are when we erase color. Because racism stems from judging others by color, so once you rid the artwork from color and simply focus on the person themselves, its a beautiful shift in focus, rather than focusing on how different they are, like their skin tone and race, you instead focus on how all human bodies have a linger of similar traits and thats what keeps us all connected. This piece furthers my understanding and appreciation for our human similarities because we often like to stand out and be different which is a beautiful thing, however it can also be a beautiful thing to recognize in what ways we are similar, our bodies for example and cherish our resemblances because thats what keeps us connected as a species.
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