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Selfie progect

Julia Margret Camron

Photography portaitS

Texture Triptych

Monkey See Monkey Do

Looking for lines

I have learned that lines make up everything and that if you look you will start to see them everywhere. I had Curved, Zig zag, Strate, Think and Thin lines in my mosaic. I think that my lines are active. getting all of the line gropes in there was my gratis challenge. I like that we got talk photos of what every we want. What would you do differently if you were to do this project again i would get more pictures of catering in steed of recreational photos.

After math

i had a very good exsprence at the wall. I like it because we could write anything we wanted and we could also look at art that is different and new. I think that i would have like to spend a little more time at the harn and look around with my partner instead of staying with the dozen. I like that we when to the wall but it would have like to get a grope photo of everyone before we left. I think that the gravity wall is kind of like the gerfity from the invisible children line but there looks a lot more faded and not as nice looking. I like that we got to take picture like the invisible child but i think that it would have been a little more effective if we could look at a photo that we took next to a photo that she took.

Black and white or color?

i choose all of these because each have its of colors and i think represent the diversity in your room. I choose all of these because i love all of the color that each have and the simplest of all of the color and they way they blend together. For the first photo i like it better in black and white because i think that it gives it a little history feeling. i think that the carouse look better in color because all of those color just miss and blend well together. The last photo i like in color as well because in black and white you don't see how all of the color miss and blend well together but in color you see that. I think that it all depends on the photo wether black and white is more powerful over color and vice visa. I think that the mood of the colored photos is happy and joy and the black and white ones are elegant.

Everybody love a parade

Turning My world upside down

Upside down photowalk converted to black and white

Blind photo walk

Blind photo walk

Photo scavenger hunt

1: some green and something white and something earth, 2: Something blue and some one new and shapes 3: Something orange, 4: Something blue wave , 5: Something unexpected and something red.

One picture is worth a thousend word assment

Hi my name is Rachel Zuckerman i am 14 years old. I have been at P.K Yonge since i was in kindergarten. The picture above is a picture of my bearded dragon, he is 1 years old and i have him for about a years and a hafe when i got him he was 6 mounts old. I got him on October 1, 2014. I chose this photo because this show cases his personalty and mine. I have a lot of hobby i play lacrosse both boy and girl. My personalty best fits with my lizard he is one of the best pets i have ever had.
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