The Syrian Civil War By: DestynIe Willingham

Where is the conflict located? The Syrian civil war is located in Syria.

Why is it taking place? The war is taking place because people in Syria complained about high unemployment, a lack of political freedom and state repression which slowly escalated to war.

People in Syria

Who are the people involved? Iran, the Lebanese militia, Hizballah, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey play important roles in the war

Who are the Religious/Ethnic groups involved? The Sunni Muslim, Shia Muslim/Alawites, Kurds, Turkmen, Assyrians and Druze are the religions and ethnic groups involved.

Does Physical geography play a role in the conflict? Water is scarce in Syria so most of the war is fought on land

What is being fought over? The Syrian Civil war is being fought for higher employment, more political freedom and the right to take part in political life.

Is this affecting other regions? The war has destroyed infrastructure, prevented children from going to school, closed factories and deterred investments and trade.

What is the current political situation? The war is being bought between soldiers who support the president of Syria and those who want him out of power.

How and when did the situation emerge? The war emerged due to lack of freedom and economic woes. The war has been going on since March 15, 2011

Who has and wants sovereignty in this situation? Aleppo wants sovereignty and turkey has sovereignty from the war,

What are the demands of each side? The demands for the rebels are that Bashar al-Assad is thrown from power.

• How has history shaped this conflict? The land is over crowded and a lot of the land can't be farmed or lived on. They suffer hot temperatures and very little rain.

Why should the U.S. be concerned with this conflict? The United States should be involved to stop the mass killing and thousands fleeing for safety.

What has the U.S. done about it? United States has made plans to bomb Assads forces but change their minds every time.

What should the U.S. do about it? The United States should stop supplying both sides and demand a policy to try and prevent the war from continuing.

How and when could this conflict be solved? The Syrian war could quickly be solved if an outside force/country stepped in and did something about Bashar al-Assad

What has to happen for it to be solved? Syrian president Bashar al-Assad will either have to be taken out of presidency or someone could separate the rebels from Assads forces in attempt to end the war.

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