My Divine Experience Rachel gerardi

The Spatial Experience

As I entered the theater I felt very excited to see the performance. I love going to theater with my parents at home and together we have seen many plays on Broadway, so this was exciting for me to now experience here at UF. I sat in the front section of quite a nice auditorium. For a school that is very science/math oriented, I was surprised to see how nice the stage and theater were. It was nice to not have may people sitting in front of me, this way I had a clear view of the stage and limited distractions. As the lights dimmed, the audience’s murmurs silenced and we all channeled our attention onto the actors. Being in a smaller auditorium was nice because it minimized any distractions. I perceive life to be all about being in the right place at the right time. Although life is not about luck, place does play a significant role in how things happen.

The Social Experience

I attended the performance with two of my good friends, Maddie and Annie. Before the show I got ready in my apartment and then headed to my Maddie’s sorority house for dinner. We ate together, picked up Annie on our way, and headed to the show. I enjoyed sharing this experience with them. Although this was considered an ‘assignment’, I enjoyed going, especially with my friends.

We were able to collectively contribute to one another’s experience. For example, I drove Annie so that she wouldn’t have to walk in the cold weather to the show. This not only added to her experience, but I was then able to introduce her to Maddie, who she had never met before. Sharing experiences are nice because everyone has their own perspective, but the one thing shared from the experience is that we were all together

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

I perceived the central idea of the performance to relate back to morality and how you base your choices, and search for the good life, off your morals. I did not know much of the subject matter being that I am Jewish and my prior knowledge about Catholicism is limited, however I enjoyed the insight and learning about the process of becoming a priest. The performance helped me to apply what it means to search for the good life in a context that isn’t my own. As this main character in the play was struggling to find who he was or where he belonged, it was so easy for me as an outsider to help direct him in my own head. In addition, everyone has a different vision of their good life. I cannot completely relate to the content of this play, although I do understand the concept of struggling to find a life that you are content and happy with.

The Emotional Experience

The topic of this play was politically contentious for sure. Today, religion is a very hot topic for discussion, so to present a play about a man going through school to be a priest while physically fighting others and stealing silverware is slightly contradicting. Theater is art, so they could present this concept, and show a culturally radical spin was unique. This is what theater is meant for, to present slightly radical concepts in a “pretty” version.

By watching the main character in this play go through Katharsis, the audience is then able to evaluate not only their own life and the decisions they have made, but also reflect on how they can come clean.


Annie Lohr and Maddie Cohen

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