Village of Pulaski Wisconsin BY Brock BOgacz

The issue I chose was approving payments requests to the fire department

Pulaski's local government granted the money requests of the fire department. I agree with their desicion because the fire department is very valuable to this village and community. Without a good fire department the village would not be providing the services they should to their citizens. I wouldn't have done anything different. The village gave money to keep the fire department up and running. They funded necessary things such as $2,215.37 for fire runs, $19,024.08 for operation uses, $3,015.00 for fire trucks, and $3,890.00 for fire inspection and re-inspections. By giving the money needed to the fire department, they are doing their duty of keeping our village safe.

Municipal building address- 575 E. Glenbrook Dr. Pulaski, Wisconsin 54162

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