The Battle for Cicero By: Kyle haase, James Cecere, samuel delucia

An Invitation from Pompey (pg. 169)

Cn. Magnus Prōcōs. S. D. M. Cicerōnī Imp. S.V.B. Tuās litterās libenter lēgī. Recognōvī enim tuam prīstinam virtūtem etiam in salūte commūnī. Cōnsulēs ad eum exercitum, quem in Āpuliā habuī, vēnērunt. Magnopere tē hortor prō tuō singulārī perpetuōque studiō in rem pūblicam, ut tē ad nōs cōnferās, ut commūnī cōnsiliō reī pūblicae afflictae opem atque auxilium ferāmus. Cēnseō ut viā Appiā iter faciās et celeriter Brundisium veniās.

Gnaeus Proconsul the Great says waz good to the General Cicero. If you are doin well, good. I read your texts gladly. I recognize your swagalicious virtues with regard to the common well being. The consuls have hoverboarded to this army which I had in Apulia. I encourage you greatly because of your outstanding and continuing donations to the squad, to come through so that we can bring help and power to the common plan of the messed up republic. I suggest that you pop up along the Appian Way and quickly hoverboard to Brundisium.

I changed various words and phrases in this translation to demonstrate how this event in history may have went down if it occurred nowadays. The reason I choose this translation is because it is the first of two that deal with Pompey and Caesar battling to the favor of Cicero. This one highlights Pompey trying to puff up Cicero and give him fake praise in order to get him on his side.

Cicero had much influence in court.

A Request from Caesar (pg. 171)

Caesar Imp. S. D. Cicerōnī Imp. Cum properārem atque essem in itinere, praemissīs iam legiōnibus, praeterīre tamen nōn potuī quīn et scrīberem ad tē et grātiās tibi agerem, etsī hoc et fēcī saepe et saepius mihi factūrus videor. Ita dē mē merēris. In prīmīs ā tē petō, quoniam cōnfïdō mē celeriter ad urbem ventūrum, ut tē ibi videam, ut tuō cōnsiliō, grātiā, dignitāte, ope omnium rērum ūtī possim. Festīnātiōnī meae brevitātīque litterārum ignōscēs.

General Caesar hits up General Cicero. Although I was hustlin and on my way, with the legions already havin been sent ahead, but of coouuuse I did not wait to both hit you up and thank you, although I have done this a lot and I will def do it a lot more. You deserve this from me. First of all I'm lookin to you, because I trust that I will hoverboard quickly to the city, to peep you there, so that I can use your plan, your street rep, your clout, and the help of all of your goons. I hope you will forgive the slang used and shortness of my letter.

This was the second of the two translations that dealt with Pompey and Caesar battling for Cocero's favor. Caesar just like Pompey, knew that it was imperative to gain Cicero's help if he wanted to successfully win this battle. In his case, to successfully take over the empire peacefully. He was going to need Cicero to influence the Senate in his favor if he managed to defeat Pompey in battle.

Modern day Cicero

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