Good Life Performance:The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhart by Shantanu gulgule

The Constans Theatre
Excited for the play!!
This kind man scanned my gator one card!
  1. The Spatial Experience: I was really excited when I entered the theater, because of the good reviews that my friends had given me for this play. When the lights dimmed I felt a little nervous, and because of the delay I was dying for the play to start! I liked the way the stage had three compartments, so we could observe the actors as they would be making an entrance towards the center stage, and could learn more about them. My seat was in the front row, so I could capture all the emotions that were present on stage. The lighting was perfect, and i was surprised that the Constans theater could fit so many people! I feel that Constans theater can help people escape from their normal lives and live in a completely new environment, thereby helping one achieve the good life. Theater can help make someone a better person by teachings and by a catharsis to help the individual achieve the good life.
found a seat on the first row!

The Social Experience: Before the play began, everybody was talking about how they were so excited to see the play, especially because they had heard so many good reviews from the people who seen it previously? I heard from my friends that there were a lot of plot twists, and that got me even more excited to see the play. During the intermission, I discussed the first part with a few friendly strangers, and I cleared a few misconceptions and doubts too.I went alone to see the play, so I would not be distracted or disturbed by any of my close friends. I learnt a lot about the play because of the people around me, and this helped me understand the morale of the play, giving me a better idea of how to achieve the good life.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience: Although the play was set in the past, some of the practices and superstitions shown are still present in society today. For example, I learnt about how big of an issue child labor is. Being from India, I am used to seeing little children work in shops instead of going to school. Back home, this was considered a completely normal thing. After seeing the play, I learnt about how harmful it is for children, and how children working in factories are always subject to imminent danger. Another similarity was how rape and molestation victims are ashamed of being victims, we saw this in the play through the archbishop, who allegedly committed suicide after finding out that the fact that he had been molested as a child had been revealed. Even today, rape victims are afraid to come out and fight their offenders, because they are worried about what the rest of the world will think about them, and how they will be judged as victims of molestation. I was so engrossed in the play that I understood what the archbishop was through, and how he felt ashamed of his past.

The Emotional Experience: Catharsis is the cleaning of emotions and often theatrical performances are a way to achieve this cleansing. This play dealt with issues such as poverty, child labor, and lack of safety precautions which were relevant in the society at the time, and are still related for the most part today. By experiencing these real life issues while watching the play, people in the audience may feel that they have addressed the issue just by watching the play. Thus theater can lead to catharsis even if no real life action on that issue is taken. The plot twists shocked me and everyone in the audience. I went through a plethora of emotions during the play. Just one character, Michaud, who was played by Jake Lesh, made me laugh put me in shock, and almost put me into tears. As a person who is not really emotional, the play really affected me!

shell-shocked because of the plot twists!


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