The Harn Museum of Art Taylor Alexander

Medium of the ART / TEchnique of the artist

This is an image of an artwork that I glanced as I first walked into the Harn. When I saw it, I thought it was a structure made out of metal bars, and that the optical illusion was that it was moving. However, upon moving closer to better understand the piece, I realized it was actually a completely two dimensional painting. This allowed me to understand that the artist's purpose was to create an optical illusion. I found this painting immediately striking because its contrast allowed it to stand out from the rest. The art made me feel almost uncomfortable, because it appeared so differently and was more confusing than everything else in the room. The art communicated to me that maybe the artist feels trapped in his mind, and that he is seeing everything as an illusion and is lost in his thoughts.

Design of the museum

This section of the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Harn I found very pleasing to look at. Because of the color blocking in the wall, the placement and shapes of the frames, and the all black and white photographs, I thought this wall was enticing and interesting to look at. This exhibit gives me a pleasing feeling because of its clean aesthetic and sleek look.

Art and Core VALUES

This work of art to me represented my core values of diversity and authenticity. Found in a setting rife with traditional African garments and ritual clothing, this masked displayed the authenticity and tradition of each race, something that I think is important in a world that is moving more and more towards cultural appropriation and sameness today. Additionally, the diversity of many races in America is increasing each day and it is important to have different races, such as African Americans, represented in museums. This artwork instills in me excitement as I realize we are making strides toward a more progressive culture, and helps me better understand life from a different viewpoint.


In this painting, a man is swimming in a river in a scene filled with beautiful nature. To me, this shows the man seeking the good life because he is striving to have a feeling of euphoria and calm in the peaceful setting. His seeking inspires me to maybe take new approaches like this to find my own path towards the Good Life.

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