Cells By Aaron Downey

Types of cells

Cells are amazing tiny particles in our body that make up everything that is living about us, and everything else that is living. Two types of cells are...


A prokaryote does not have a nucleus.


A Eukaryotes does have a nucleus.
Cells are crazy tiny objects in our body that make it up.


A prokaryote is a type of cell that doesn't have a nucleus, like the one behind this text. It is a bacteria cell, as you can see in the photo, it has no nucleus.


A Eukaryote is a type of cell that has a nucleus. The nucleus controls everything that happens in the cell, kind of like a natural human brain. It controls our body like how a nucleus controls the cell. All Plant and Animal cells have a nucleus but bacteria don't.

Cells are very complicated on the inside of them. In many ways, they are like a human body.

They have organs like a human, like lysomes, ribosomes, vacuoles, and many other more organs. We will always keep discovering new things in cells, and about cells. Thank you for being here and listening. Thanks!


Created By
Aaron Downey


Credits all go to Aaron And spark page I guess

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