My 4-Fold Experience Brooke Saban

My Spatial Experience

Upon entering the Auditorium, i immediately grasped that a majority of the play would be taking place in a church. i gathered this information by looking at the stained glass window back drop on the stage. i sat fairly close to the front, enhancing the play because i was able to really capture the facial expressions of the actors. also, the fact that the stage partially stretched out into the audience, allowing the actors to interact with us, enhanced the play as well.As compared to my seats and the stage shape, the auditorium size did not have as much of an importance to me, but i did appreciate the fact that the auditorium was not too large nor too small, which helped amplify the actors voices. When the Lights dimmed and a hush fell over the audience, I became anxious, for i was excited to see what this play had to offer, so the lights dimming and the audience quieting down brought me one step closer to seeing the play.The role of place is very important to the good life because it is important to be in the right place at the right time. For example, if you were in a fancy restaurant eating dinner and the editor in chief of the magazine you've been dying to work for walks by, the opportunity of meeting them has been presented to you, and you can accredit that to being in the right place at the right time.

Me standing outside the Constans Theater, where the play was performed

My Social Experience

I chose to attend the play myself because I wanted to have my own opinion on it. Sometimes when i am with friends, I tend to adopt their opinions on things, so i do not feel left out. So, i knew that if i attended the play alone, i could really focus on the play and develop my own opinions on the subjects at hand, so attending alone enhanced my experience moreso than if i attended with friends. I got ready for this performance by dressing nicely and making sure i was presentable, out of respect for the actors. The role of shared experiences is important to the good life because that is how you make memories with people, and create friendships. by sharing moments and memories with other people, a bond is created between the two, and the bond continues to grow with more shared memories and moments.

My reaction leaving the play

My Cultural and Intellectual Experience

In order for me to fully answer the questions presented in the section, it is important for me to present some background information. the picture below is a picture of me in 8th grade on the school bus where my life was changed forever. while that may sound really cliche and sappy, let me explain. in 8th grade, i was sexually assaulted 7 times on the school bus by 4 boys. the issue of sexual assault and rape was addressed multiple times within the play, and that topic hit home with me. i know how hard it is to cope with something like that, let alone how hard it is to tell people. you feel ashamed, like it was your fault, like you could've prevented it. I believe the central issue of the play was the corruption of the catholic church, in respect to rape and sexual assault, and how it is supposed to be kept under wraps. this correlates with everyday society. talking about sexual assault and rape is seen as taboo, therefore no one ever talks about it, or admits to being a victim of it in fear of being ridiculed. This performance reinforced my thoughts about how sexual assault and rape is seen in the public's eye and it reinforced my thoughts on how important it is to open up about something so horrific, so proper help can be provided. being a victim of sexual assault is something that effects millions of people every day, and the fact that society has a negative stigma about talking about forces the victims to keep their pain to themselves. i firmly believe that sexual assault should not be something that the victims are ashamed about. The victims need to accept that this incident is a part of them, so society should learn to accept that too.

Me in 8th grade on the school bus

My Emotional Experience

This play definitely forced the audience to reflect on themselves and the society they live in by shedding light on the corruption of a dominant religion and a dominant industry. It provided us with an opportunity for katharsis by showing us that everything is not what it seems. it made us ask ourselves why we put so much faith in that religion and so much money in that industry when people were being so poorly treated. It is important to understand all of the aspects of something, good and bad, before investing ourselves into it. IN the instance of the church, it is important for us to know what goes on inside and out of this system, whether it is good or bad. it will allow us to fully grasp what we are getting ourselves into and what we actually believe in. for the case of the factories, we should know what goes on behind the closed doors in respect to the workers before we pour thousands of our dollars into it, and buy the products being produced. I feel that once all of this stuff is known, we can justify our actions and beliefs wholeheartedly and truly understand what it means to belong with that group.

My reaction with the whole experience
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