My World by daniel nguyen

This is my family

This is my pet bird, it is cockatiel. It looks female, but the year after we got it we figured out it was a male.
This is bruce, She is a bearded dragon. We learned that it was a girl when it saw a bearded dragon expert when she broke her leg.

My Heritage. I am half Vietnamese I am also a little German and a few other things

My grandmother and grandfather came to America during the Vietnamese war.

My grandfather is from north Vietnam and my south grandmother is from Vietnam. They came to America during the war

Water puppetry is a unique Vietnamese art form in which the stage is a pool of water. The puppeteers stand waist deep in the water, hidden behind bamboo screens, and the puppets are lit by floating lanterns and accompanied by music.

Nguyen is one of the most common last names in Vietnam. Around 30 million people share it. Including me.

My interest is Taekwondo. Taekwondo was invented 1955 it was originally used in the korean war. I am a junior black belt also known as (Poom), when I turn 15 I will be eligible to test to become an official black belt also known as (Dan).

My future job. I do not want to set my heart on a certain job or even a few. I am a roman catholic so I believe in God and Lord Jesus Christ so I have decided to let the lord guide me and what he wants me to be I will be.

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