Lief Eriksson 1000-1015 AD BY:Mita Saysouriyosack

About Leif Eriksson


Scandinavian explorer, Lief Eriksson was born 980 AD in Iceland. At only 15 Erik the Red ( father) and Lief Eriksson set sail to Greenland, while his mother stayed in Iceland to help run the country . When he was 21 his mother got sick so he went back to visit her, on the way back to Greenland there was a bad storm that kicked of him off track. Due to these conditions he was not on the right path to go back to Greenland instead he found Vinland .Vinland is now modern day Canada, Eirksson named it Vinland because all the fresh grapes, Vin also means wine in Scandinavian . So it's pretty much Wineland.



Lief Eriksson was a curious , adventurous and can make decisions because, he went back to see his mother in Iceland When she was sick, that is an example of , abel to make decisions , and he listen to his ship crew when he found vinland for the first time, he did not step foot on shore, the first time he found Vinland, because his ship crew wanted to go back to Greenland. And so he listen to his crew.


Eriksson found Vinland (modern day Canada) but not on purpose. A bad storm kicked him of track and lead him to a un claimed land that was soon to be his, and he named it Vinland

Mothers perspective

It was year 980 AD when he was born Lief Eirksson. When he was only 15 when he went with his father to Greenland. 6 years later I got very sick so he Lief came and visit me. when he was going back and got lost in a storm and found new land. He said that there was alot of grapes so he named it Vinland.

Lief Eriksson


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